Blog 9

Dear all,

This is your task for this week:

“What foods are good for your health?”

Write a paragraph to answer this question and also the questions below.
§  Do you think it’s good to eat beef every day?
§  What foods can improve your mood?

Make sure that you:
  • Check unit 5 in the platform of cambridge, English Intermediate I and this blog. All of them will help you for a better writing in terms of vocabulary.
  • Include: Introduction, body (background events and main events) (3 short paragraphs) and conclusion.
Your post should be done in no less than 50 words. Write and publish it as soon as it is possible. Consider the grammar of units 2, 3 & 5.

Deadline:  Friday 02/06/17

Read the paragraph below. Can you find mistakes? How many? Can you correct them
You should definitely try fish and legumes. It’s good and delicious. You’d better not eat beef or red meat in general. You ought to avoid too much fat or sugar as well.

To improve my mood I would rather eat a little chocolate.

I’m going to have to eat a few nuts every day because they are healthy. I’ve got to decide soon. Eating less food can help you live longer.

After lunch I might want to drink a cup of green tea since it’s good for your health in general.
Hope it helps for your blog in Cambridge. Remember to read the unit before you starts writing.

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